Here is another cooking therapy experience. This is take on a Japanese / Korean way to present rice dish. 
I used chorizo in the dish but you can make the same dish vegetarian. 
Here are the ingredients: 
Fried rice: 
1 chopped onion, 3 chopped garlic cloves, some chopped ginger 
2 chopped bell peppers (I chose 1 yellow and one red for the vibrant colours) 
1/2 cabbage chopped in thin slices 
1 cup of jasmine rice 
a generous splash of soya sauce and 4 tbsp of hoi sin sauce 
Salt and pepper 
Cook the onion, garlic, ginger in a wok on high heat for 3 minutes until golden. Add peppers and cook for 3 minutes. Add cabbage until the leaves wilt. Finally add the sauces and once all the vegetables get a lovely toffee colour, add the rice and mix well.  
Once your stir fried rice is ready you can serve a ball of rice (size of small bowl )and place it on a dish.  
Now it is time for the tornado omelette made with one whisked egg. On a medium high heat pour the egg in small pan with hot sunflower oil until you get the borders of the egg bubbling. You have to be quick now: using chopsticks, grab sides of omelette and slide chopsticks to the middle of the pan and turn them so the omelette starts swirling! It can be tricky so be playful! Once you have your omelette, delicately place it on top of the mound of rice. 
As for the sauce, I used some seafood in tomato sauce with onions, basil chorizo and black olives but you can use the traditional curry sauce ! 
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