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Alan - Torquay 
I have undertaken a 6 weeks course with Jessica for Yoga Therapy. 
I have known Jessica for 15 years. When she used to work as a Personal Trainer, she helped me improve my strength, endurance and flexibility so I could perform better in my running. 
Years later as Jessica started her Yoga Therapy course, I thought she could help me this time as I suffered with extreme tightness in my body. 
I can confirm that Jessica is a person of great integrity and extremely dedicated to her work. Her tailor made practices were always done in an peace-loving environment. As always, I have been impressed with her interpersonal and work skills. 
I would definitely recommend Jessica for anyone seeking to improve their overall levels of health and well being. 
Becky - Torquay 
When I started a yoga therapy class with Jess 8 months ago I was suffering from extreme anxiety. Through both yoga and breathing exercises Jess has helped me tremendously to relearn how to relax.Her sensitivity and practical advice meant that I learned how to breathe deeply again and these exercises were immediately effective in reducing my anxiety. 
Each class was tailored to my individual needs and I feel this has really helped me to find my balance again. Jess combines both meditation and exercise so that you feel you are gaining a holistic workout which is both physical and spiritual. I have also really appreciated Jess' acupressure techniques when I had problems with my digestion. 
I thoroughly recommend Jess as a yoga teacher because there is a real depth of knowledge which she brings to her practice. The mindful way with which Jess begins and ends each practice is very grounding and the exercise followed means that not only has my anxiety reduced but I have gained core strength and for this I have to thank Jess. I think she is a very inspiring yoga teacher. 
Louise - Torquay 
I have attended the excellent yoga course provided by Jessica over the course of last Winter and early Spring. Jessica is an outstanding, well-planned teacher who adapts her sessions to the needs of her students and whose calm and friendly personality puts you immediately at ease. 
I was always looking forward to her sessions- the pranayama techniques she has taught me have become staples of my daily regimen and I have noticed that I was becoming a lot calmer following her sessions, as well as regaining my flexibility. As her teaching showed progression I was able to feel the benefits in my ability to perform the asanas week in week out. 
Jessica also used her experience to suggest dietary changes which were very beneficial. Jessica took great care to recommend exercises and breathing practices which were compatible with my condition (I am epileptic). As a result I have not had no epileptic fit since last year! She is a dedicated, enthusiastic individual and her passion for yoga is contagious. 
I wish her all the best for the future 
Rachel - Torquay 
Your yoga classes are by far the best I have ever attended. 
The combination of toning exercises and relaxation make each session a real addition to my fitness routine. 
The practices are varied and tailored to the needs and abilities of those attending. 
Tony - Torquay 
Today I have finished a 6 week course of Yoga therapy with Jess. It has been more than delightful, it is making me fall in love with Yoga again. How Jess has taught these classes is masterful combining the right information delivered in a beautiful way really activated the techniques in me. Thank you so much. 
Vicky - Torquay 
Jess is a very helpful, kind and caring lady. She is a fountain of knowledge and you can learn a lot of skills and tips on coping with everyday life as well as helping with your spiritual life. I am really pleased with her help and still carry on . . 
Barry – Torquay 
I want to thank you for all the help you have given me to get back into shape! 
You have been a most effective Personal Trainer, attributable not just to your ability to help me with weight loss but significantly because of the holistic approach that you bring to the sessions. That you integrate Pilates, Yoga and some tough workouts (!) makes the sessions interesting and contribute to the long term benefits. 
As a result of the warmth and friendliness you bring I knew that you would be able to help my 16 year old granddaughter. There is always a concern that looking to suggest weight loss and a Personal Trainer could be upsetting to someone at that age. My granddaughter has really enjoyed and taken up Personal Training sessions with you enthusiastically. She has certainly benefitted as well. Thank you for that. 
Including my daughter , that makes three in the family you have helped! 
As soon as I am able to I will of course be back with you for more support for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. 
Steven – Torquay 
My partner and I were looking for someone to really guide us through all the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made when starting off with diet and exercise. 
Jessica was our trainer and our dietician who was fantastic, as we needed educating as well as strict discipline and Jessica gave us all of the above! 
Over a short period of time we lost an amazing 4! stone through Jessica's workouts, using gym equipment, mats, balls and basic yoga exercises to cool down and avoid aches and pains that are common to beginners. 
I would definitely recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to succeed and keep up the good work for a healthy lifestyle and a brighter future 
Peter - Torquay 
I am writing to indicate my full support for Jessica Huynh, Personal Yoga Teacher. 
I have been taking lessons with Jessica since September 2015 and have been very impressed with her enthusiasm and passion in her teaching. Jessica is engaged and focused in developing creative lessons. Jessica has very good interpersonal skills and easily understood my needs. 
My state of physical health and mental have improved dramatically since I started working with Jessica. I have suffered from stroke 3 years ago and battled since recovering from it. She tailors every session with care so it meets my needs , with knowledge, appropriate language and positive attitude. 
I recommend Jessica without reservation. 
Hayley – Torquay 
This beautiful lady is a real gem of a find... extremely knowledgeable and experienced in yoga therapy and body work, Jess works holistically and intuitevely, treating you as an individual carefully tailoring your therapy to your own specific needs. She is the warmest, most gentle person you could wish to meet. 
A true inspirational light. Thank you Jess. Namaste 
Delphine – Torquay 
Thank you Jess for this amazing course in yoga and meditation. It's brought a practice into my daily life which I would never now want to live without. It's as if you've opened a door for me where I can be at peace with clarity and feel whole, healthy and healed. You are a perceptive, knowledgeable and incredibly generous teacher that will bring positive change to anyone you teach !!! I look forward to our next class 
Nina – Torquay 
Jess is one of the most authentic and knowledgeable teachers I have had the pleasure to work with. I left the class today with such a wonderful sense of peace and the comfort of knowing I had given myself the gift of being present. My body was energised and challenged from the flow but as always Jess made sure we worked within our own limits. I can’t wait for next week! 

Yoga with Jessica  

Build an honest and kind relationship between body, mind and breath with Jessica. 

Holistic Benefits of Yoga  

Mental Health Wellbeing Strength Flexibility Release tension in neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and wrists Improved cardiovascular functions Mobility and lubrication of joints  

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